About Our Logo

Logo & Illustrations Concepts

The artwork and concepts are based on the concentricity of the Four Directions, wellness (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), Inuit and Metis harvesting practices to nurture and pass practices on to younger generations from Knowledge Keepers, Medicine Peoples, Healers, Language Speakers and Elders. Mushkiki filled feather hands that protect, nurture, and guide cultural safety in care, uplifting the sophistication of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis knowledge translation and land-based, healing practices to enrich biomedical education. The Ulu meets the centre of the fire that must be maintained with integrity, responsibility, and dedication to creating joyful, community-centered environments. This fire keeping work is highly valued in our urban and homeland related communities.

Our logo and branding illustrations were created by Selena Mills, ROAR Creative Consulting Agency.

From the Top of Mushkiki (Medicine) Feather Hands Down

Saskatoon Berry (Amelanchier alnifolia)

Fritillaries (Yellow Bells)~(Fritillaria podia)

Plantain (Plant major)

Ginseng (Panax quinquefoluis)

Penny Cress (Thalspi arvense)

Willow (Salix, Genus for various families)