Working Groups

The NCIME has established six Working Groups focused on making improvements in priority action areas.

The six Working Groups are Chaired by members of the NCIME Executive Committee and include an Associate Chair who is a resident or early-career physician, and an Elder or Knowledge Keeper. The NCIME staff provides administrative, research and evaluation support, and consultants are utilized as needed for special areas of expertise.

The NCIME Working Groups will continue to provide leadership and support to partners to address areas of common priority as they fulfil their collective responsibilities. The Working Groups will transform Indigenous medical education and contribute to the delivery of culturally safe health care. Each Working Group is led by an NCIME Executive Committee member, aligning areas of expertise with the six priority areas:


Assessment of Indigenous studies, cultural safety, and anti-racism

Chaired by Dr. Marcia Anderson
Members: 10


Anti-racism, policies, processes, and implementation support

Chaired by Dr. Mandy Buss
Members: 13


Improving cultural safety in curriculum

Chaired by Dr. Darlene Kitty
Members: 12


Indigenous student admissions and transitions

Chaired by Dr. Sarah Funnell
Members: 11


Indigenous faculty recruitment and retention

Chaired by Dr. Lisa Richardson
Members: 7


Indigenous physician wellness and joy in work

Chaired by Dr. Michael Dumont
Members: 10


Total membership for the NCIME Working Groups: 63